Fabulous Wedding Photography Tips In The Rain

wedding photography tipsUse the magic of backlight to have the raindrops shine through in your wedding photography shoot.

Wedding photography comes along with a lot of challenges and difficulties when you come to think of it. As a matter of fact, that is technically one of the main reasons why at some point or so, it is extremely difficult to efficiently and successfully cover it according to the specifications of the bride and the groom that you are providing coverage for one way or the other.

Shooting in the rain is one of those instances that can prove to be extremely tricky and just downright hard at times.

However, this may also be a blessing in disguise. The rain can more or less provide a magical backdrop that will let you take photos that have the potential to turn out to be nothing less than magical when it all comes down to it. The use of backlight for settings that has the element of rain involved will basically make raindrops look like sparkly pecks of light falling down on the subjects and that is something that can turn out to be really romantic and breathtaking.

Have an abundant amount of plastic bags available.

You should also be prepared at all times to have Ziploc bags that will serve as protection for your photography gear for instances of inclement weather such as rain or dust. This may seem like a bit of a ridiculous premise for you to entertain at first but this is something that can really turn out to make a lot of sense and can seem extremely practical especially if rain starts pouring down. You will still need to be able to continue with your wedding photography shoot regardless of what happens though so stay on your feet and always come prepared at all times. These plastic bags also come cheap and they are something that you can buy in bulk so they will not even cause a dent in your wallet at some point or so. The gallon sized bags usually work well and fit well with your photography gear.

Puddle reflections can work to your advantage.

The rain can be a pretty fun concept for your photo shoot and that is something that a Yorkshire wedding photographer should be able to play around with. Puddles in the road can be used as artistic elements in the photos that you take. One of the best ways to make use of puddles would be for you to include the reflections of the things and people that you are trying to take photos of. It brings in a somewhat striking juxtaposition to each other.

Utilize areas of cover while you are shooting in the rain.

Although the rain can be fun to shoot at some point, you should still be able to listen to practicality. If there are any awnings, big umbrellas, or anything out there that can provide some kind of cover for you, then you should utilize them as much as possible. There is still a way for you to be able to shoot your pictures without ever having a need to get yourself wet, after all.