Becoming the Real Owner of Your Wedding Pictures

wedding photographer EssexYou probably never thought about the copyright of your wedding pictures. By this time, you think that all the wedding pictures you’re going to pay will automatically be yours. Meaning, the copyright will be transferred to you without a doubt.

And your guess is probably right. Those pictures aren’t yours and don’t be surprised to know that a lot of photographers are reluctant to give them over. This is especially true whenever you ask a professional wedding photographer Essex.

They fear misuse

Those pictures are their lifeline. Their only methods of marketing are to get their pictures known and spread to as many people as possible, with their credits. But what happens often is that their pictures are often used without their consent.

Photographers lose a lot of exposure this way. It’s almost impossible for other people to identify the photographer behind the pictures unless stated. Unlike drawings that can be identified from style or products from the brand and design. Thus, they make sure that they can regulate the use of their pictures to help them market.

What you can do

You won’t be able to post pictures online or sell them to other parties. You are also not allowed to reproduce the pictures without the consent or through the person with the copyright. So, if you lose the copies, you will have to look for the photographer to ask for your pictures to be printed again.

Then, how can you post your wedding’s happy day? Photographers will provide you with a low-res set of pictures to be posted online. They’re not too low that they’d be blurry, but clear enough for online posts. Even a professional wedding photographer Essex like does this.

Become the owner

You can own the copyrights, but it does require agreement from your photographer. As per the regulations, copyright is automatically earned by the person that took the pictures. However, it’s possible to pass this ownership to someone else if the photographer agrees to it.

You can buy the ownership with certain costs, which is typically expensive. Doing so will allow you to become the real owner of the pictures and the freedom to do whatever you want with them. While you allow it, the photographer will also want to use the pictures as a means to be included in his portfolio. Or not at all, if you wish to.

You can share the ownership, by becoming a partner that owns the pictures, too. That said, your photographer can still use the pictures and you also can do the same. Depending on the contract, you are probably required to credit to the photographer every time you post your wedding pictures taken by him.

Check your contract

Before anything, if you’ve signed a contract now, check it out again. It can be pretty long and wind and you might be confused. If that’s the case, ask your photographer to clarify the fact: who is the final owner of the pictures at the end of the contract? If it’s the photographer and you want to own the pictures, too, is there a way to reach a consensus?

Usually, when a contract is signed, a wedding photographer Essex have all the right to decline your request. But some might agree, out of courteous, to share the pictures with you.

Things Every Wedding Photographer Should Know

wedding photography tips1. Close up shots can really pull the images of a wedding photographer through.

It can put in the kind of special effects needed to get the images to stand out. Every seasoned wedding photographer out there knows for a fact that the close up shots are also considered as the “money shots” one way or the other. If you are looking into getting that final jazzy touch to the photos that you are taking, move in for the close ups. Do not hesitate to be a little closer than usual when you are positioning yourself for the perfect angle either. There will be times wherein you will end up looking nothing short of ridiculous when you are going after the perfect shot but that is quite alright. At the end of the day, you would have to remind yourself of the fact that you are actually being assessed for the quality of the images that you are able to produce and not how you were able to take them.

2. Do anything and everything within your power to make sure that you are able to capture the shots that actually matter.

The bride and the groom will thank you for going through the motions of really securing the shots at the end of the day.

3. Do enough background research concerning the religion as well as the other practices involved all throughout the wedding proceedings.

As a wedding photographer essex, you will come across different cultures and different religions. Some may actually vary greatly when compared to what you are used or accustomed to seeing and practicing. If you want to have any shot at thriving in the wedding photography niche, then you need to make sure at some point or so that you are able to keep an open mind and veer away from any judgmental view points as much as possible.

4. Talk to the bride and groom and familiarize yourself with how they practice things.

If there are any particular ritual or practices that they would like to uphold during the wedding ceremony. If you have the extra time to do so, you should also go through the motions of really talking to the presiding minister, reverend, rabbi, and so on and so forth to talk about the things that you are allowed to do and the things that you are not allowed to do during the actual wedding ceremony. This will save you from an awful lot of embarrassment and awkward and uncomfortable moments for when you get there and have absolutely zero knowledge about the whole thing.

5. Master how you will be able to use natural light.

As much as possible, try to veer away from using too much artificial light. It tends to come off as harsh and can wash out most of the facial features and does not work very well with a lot of white either. Natural light is ever abundant and ever present. Learn the intricacies of how you will be able to use them for your advantage one way or the other. Natural light can also give your images that kind of subtle and glowing effect that is not really as easily available anywhere else. Try to keep that in mind before you think about reaching out for that harsh looking light stand.