Dressing guide for wedding photographers

Sharp and professional

wedding photography tipsThe constant challenge that female wedding photographers usually face when it comes to dressing up during wedding events is having to juggle between looking sharp and on point while at the same time still being able to look professional and fairly modest. Women’s wear is a difficult scale to balance at the end of the day and this is something that you will have to look out for one way or the other. You need to make sure that when it all comes down to it, you will be able to come across looking presentable yet at the same time able to leave a fairly distinct impression on the people that you come across enough to turn them into potential clients eventually. It is always a difficult balance to have to deal with but it is something that female wedding photographers face everyday and something that you should as well if this is an industry that you would like to go ahead and get into one way or the other.

Skin protection

One thing that you need to really get down pat is the protection of your skin. You should particularly take care of your skin especially when you have an outdoor shoot that you have to take care of. When you are shooting outdoors, you are quite exposed to all of the elements out there. You don’t really have anything to protect you against it. It is important that you make sure that your skin gets a layer of protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun by slathering on some sunblock. Regrets always come last and you don’t want to end up with huge ugly patches of sunburn sometime after your shoot because you were negligent.


Another thing that female wedding photographers should always keep in mind is the aspect of modesty. Although it can be quite tempting to go for a really attractive looking dress with a gorgeous looking neckline, you may end up flashing people with something so much more than just your camera when it all comes down to it. If you have to wear dresses like those, make sure that you have a cardigan or a shawl that can help you cover up your neckline one way or the other. Although this is something that most men during the wedding will probably be able to appreciate one way or the other, it is still something that is deemed inappropriate and something that you should avoid from doing as much as possible. Stick to clothes that look good and are comfortable as well. As a north east wedding photographer, you will end up being in crazy looking positions that might put you a bit of  a tight spot if you don’t end up choosing the right kind of clothes to wear to the event.


Then there’s the issue of the shoes as well. You need to go for shoes that you will be able to stand in and run around in for at about half a day. If you are lusting after those sky high heels, you can forget about it because that is never going to work. Go for those 2-inch kitten heels instead. They look just as good but they’re not as uncomfortable.