Common Tripod Mistakes a Wedding Photographer Makes

tripod mistakesThe tripod is something that you will be working closely with as a wedding photographer and that is why you should always be well aware of the common ways that photographers in general usually misuse the tripod so that you can avoid it. You should know better already given that this is something that you get to do and deal with on a daily basis. However, it helps if you get a reminder every now and then.

A brush up on the right ways for you to deal with a tripod will never hurt and can actually increase your chances of dealing with it the right way. You will be surprised how often people misuse something as common and ordinary as a tripod. You might even laugh at yourself a little bit for missing out on the key points of using it. What’s important is that you will be able to go ahead and take something away from this article so that you can use it in your career as a professional wedding photographer. After all, tripods are extremely important and they can be quite crucial to your success as a wedding photographer because they can drastically increase the quality of the photos that you take so you might as well take things in with a grain of salt while you are at it.

There is actually a spirit leveler in most of the tripods being sold out there in the market.

As a Hertfordshire wedding photographer, given that you are probably constantly using lenses with great focal lengths, you should check it before leaving your tripod to stand on its own without your support with the camera and lens mounted on it. The spirit leveler is there so that you can check whether or not your tripod is already balanced enough. Most photographers don’t even bother to check this and they just gauge it by looking at it or by sort of playing it by ear. Your professional photography equipment are quite expensive. They deserve something so much more than that. Regrets always come last and you will not be able to press rewind just so that you can do things differently the moment that your camera comes crashing down on the floor. Check the spirit leveler. It will only take a second or so and it will put our mind at ease the entire time that you have your camera mounted on it.

Hang with hook under tripod.

And speaking of balance, there is another way for you to ensure that your gear doesn’t topple over with the slightest sign of wind or weight. There is actually a hook under the tripod head that will allow you to hang something heavy (like a camera bag) so that it can balance off the weight that is being distributed horizontally by the length of the camera’s lens. Make use of this because this can really come in handy especially when it’s a little windy outside and you are set to shoot outdoors. The safety of your camera should always come first.