How a Wedding Photographer Can Prepare When Shooting a Church Wedding

Prepare a telephoto lens or any other long prime lens for the wedding ceremony.

wedding photography tipsYou will not be close enough for all of the close up photos that you need to take all of the time. There will be certain times during the wedding ceremony wherein you will not be allowed to be right next to the altar where the bride and groom are. However, you will still need to pull through with your closeup shots while you are at it. One way for you to deliver everything that you need to go ahead and deliver would be to switch to a longer lens whenever you are requested to keep your distance as a wedding photographer. This way, your photos come out still looking as if you are right next to the things and people that you are taking photos of even if you aren’t right next to them.

A telephoto lens or any other long lens is something that you will need to prepare well ahead of time. It is not a kind of lens that comes cheap. As a wedding photographer, one major challenge that you might come across with is that you might not have enough funds to buy it even if you need it. You can temporarily borrow from any of your wedding photographer friends or you may opt to go ahead and rent it out for the meantime. There are a lot of establishments out there that make a business out of renting out professional grade photography equipment to new wedding photographers like you who might have a need for it.

Most churches and cathedrals are poorly lit from the inside.

You might need to set up lighting fixtures in advance to make your job as a wedding photographer easier. There are several options that you could go ahead with if you would like to pull this off the right way. You can start off with your clients. Talk to them ahead of time about the lighting issue and ask them if it could be a bit of a possibility to allow you  to set up stave units or strobes or any other lighting sources that will allow you to illuminate the inner part of the church or of the cathedral. Another direction that you can take as a wedding photographer would be to try to see if you can use flash when you are taking your photos during the time of the wedding. There are some churches that are quite conservative and they consider the wedding ceremony to be quite solemn and holy and the use of flash might be a bit inappropriate. It is important that you get the buy in of the church authorities before you proceed with this because it can turn out to be quite embarrassing if you get told off while you are mid shoot.

Talk to the facilitating head or figure for the wedding ceremony about how the event is about to go down.

This is so you will know how you are supposed to handle yourself when you are shooting as the north wales wedding photographer. Get yourself in the loop about the sequence of events for the wedding ceremony. You need to know anything and everything that is about to go down so that you can anticipate the events as you go along.