Things You Should Understand About Boudoir Before Taking It Head-on

boudoir photography ScotlandBoudoir photo shoot has been the trend lately for brides and wives. The reason lies in the fact that there is a no better physical gift than one that is personalized and can only be done by you. Boudoir is that kind of thing.

You show your inner self, the best side of you with little covers for your significant one to see. It even helps enhance the relationship for those who have been married for more than a decade.

Boudoir ain’t porn

The main idea of a boudoir photography Scotland shoot is to take pictures in poses and clothing that are full of suggestions. But it does not mean that you should strip naked or even do anything like that. You simply pose, lie down and look at the camera as if you’re looking at your husband.

The thin line of difference is that you continue the rest at home, with your husband, with no camera.

Doing it just because you feel like it

If you’re not getting married, it doesn’t mean that you have no reasons to book for a boudoir photography session. Women who went through a boudoir session found themselves more confident afterward.

Photographers have been trained to show the ultimate curve and shape of women of all sizes. You need not worry, and in fact, will love yourself even more. It’s also a way to just indulge in being spoiled and have all the attention to yourself.

Finding the location

Some photographers will suggest doing it in a hotel room. Others have a separate studio turn into a bedroom. Or a much better choice is to use your own bedroom!

Well, of course, it totally depends on your preferences. Hotel room typically provides great lighting and the room’s decoration is already pretty good.

Wear what you’ve always wanted to

You’ve bought all sorts of sexy lingerie and underwear. It’s time to put them to good use! Bring them to your boudoir session. Black and white are must-have colors for the session. You can bring other colors while considering what you or your partner will love to see you in.

Corsets are also great choice to have! They simply enhance the curves of your body and emphasizes your chest. Don’t worry about how your body fat or whatever flaws your body has; just roll on!

Alcohol helps

Yep, really helps. Pop a bottle of champagne, or drink a little beer or wine before the session. Being awkward is totally normal. Like, who find themselves comfortable half stripping in front of someone they don’t exactly know for a long time?

Being full of yourself and relaxed is very important. You need to enjoy yourself to be able to pose in front of the camera well. And you need that “I’m slaying” expression as well.

Is it for your husband?

And when it goes down to it, let me remind you that there’s no freaking way your husband will not look through the pictures with satisfaction. Better yet, they will have the anticipation of what’s to come!

Don’t even think if they’ll like or not. Throw that album to their face, the moment they see those pictures, they’ll just fall in love with you all over again.

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What Boudoir Photography Is All About

boudoir photographyWhat is it? You have probably heard the phrase of the term boudoir photography thrown around loosely. You have to understand that this is something that has become somewhat a bit of a fad and a trend when things like this are taken into account. A lot of future brides and even grooms have been looking at the possibility of posing for a boudoir photography shoot but the truth or the reality is that only a few people actually understand what it is all about to begin with. It is basically a kind of trend that has been sweeping the globe and more often than not, it is a kind of trend that a groom usually gives out to his bride before the wedding. There is a little bit of controversy in something like this because of the fact that the subject usually wears very little clothing or in some times, nothing at all. It can be quite risqué and raunchy, and that is saying it lightly. There are a lot of takes on things like this though. You can imply sensuality while you are fully clothed. It all depends on the kind of perspective that you and that your professional photographer has or is bringing in when it all comes down to it.

Choosing a photographer

You start off with the photographer who will be taking your boudoir photography shots. You need to know for sure that you are getting someone whose presence you will be comfortable in during that photo session that you are trying to set up. A lot of professional wedding photographers have actually embraced boudoir photography already. It is all a matter of finding those who actually have that to offer out to their potential clients. If you are fairly familiar with how bridal shoots are, you will soon see that boudoir photography has slowly evolved and has merged with what wedding photography is all about at the end of the day. Be picky with the photographer that you sign with. You need to actually like him in order for you to be comfortable with the thought of posing around half naked in front of him during the photo shoot or session. Meet up with the person that you are planning to book ahead of time. If you don’t have the means to do so, then at least talk to him via Skype or Facetime or any other technology or means that will allow you to connect with a professional so that you will be able to pick him mind and see what he has to say.


Take the time to make sure that you are able to prepare for the photo shoot the right way. You might need to take on a beauty routine or some kind of exercise or something that is fairly similar to this. Jog during the mornings. Pay a subscription to the gym. Stay out of the sun and schedule sessions with the spa. Things like this are important and something that you should keep in mind if you would like to look good in your photos.