Cool Wedding Plans To Have

Make a movie out of it.

female wedding photographerWedding photos will not be enough. Sure, it’s nice to have a female wedding photographer onboard and all that but you also need to go out of your way to have a wedding video shot so that you have active and moving coverage of the main wedding day as well.

Don’t sweat it.

Even if the details that you have set out to have for the wedding day doesn’t happen to pan out as perfectly as you would like it to, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the entire wedding day has to end up being a bust when it all comes down to it. Don’t sweat it. Focus more on the fact that you are getting married and that you will be starting a new life with the person who means all of the world to you.

Take your time.

Don’t rush through anything when you are mapping out the plans for the wedding. This can be a really bad idea and something that you ought to try to avoid from doing as much as you possibly can. Start early. As soon as you get engaged, try to send some feelers out right away so that you will be able to get some info and so that you can get some research in one way or the other. you need to know what you are getting into and you need to really know what you are doing in order for things to work out for you in all of the best ways when it all comes down to it. Carefully assess each and every single detail that you are planning to include in the wedding day because the wrong choice or the wrong option might have catastrophic results for the event that you are planning out and you need to make sure that you get things right as much as possible.

Get the food plan taken care of.

You need to make sure that you not only have more than enough food set out for all of the guests who will be attending the wedding, that you will also get to feed vendors such as your female wedding photographer and coordinators. If you don’t have a proper food plan laid out, your wedding vendors might end up missing out on the meals and this isn’t the type of thing that you ought to run a risk for. If you don’t want to end up paying for as much as you are paying out for your guests per head or per plate, you can opt to go ahead and have a separate meal plan for your vendors. You don’t have to serve them the same menu that you are serving out to the rest of your guests. This might cause an issue with your budget for the wedding and you need to do something about this. Pick out a menu that is less expensive but still just as filling and they won’t even complain. The important thing is that you get to feed them one way or the other.

Major Wedding Blunders To Avoid

Planning before budgeting.

wedding photographer norfolkIf you are getting the wedding taken into account and if you are prepping for it in any way that you would like things to go down, then you need to understand the fact that budget will get in your way. It doesn’t matter how big or how small your budget is, for as long as you have one, you have some sort of guide that will give you the opportunity to look into things at the end of the day. This is something that will turn out to give you every bit of advantage that you can get your hands on at the end of the day. Before you fly off of the handle and start contacting potential wedding vendors and suppliers and drafting up the plans that you have been envisioning for the wedding, then you need to know for sure that it is the type of thing that you will be able to afford in the first place. This is not an easy feat to have to get into when it all comes down to it.

Without a budget, you don’t have any margins to draw on so you wouldn’t really know for sure if you are getting to the point wherein your wedding plans are starting to become outrageous cost wise. You are going to need an expensive professional wedding photographer Norfolk and perhaps even a planner and this is the kind of thing that you would have to really prepare for and draft up some type of budget for one way or the other.

No rain plan.

Without a rain plan, you might end up getting soaked during the day of the wedding and you need to make sure that you do something about this when it all comes down to it.   Even if you are holding the wedding in an indoor type of venue, the rain could still affect the way that things pan out for you. You need to understand the fact that at the end of the day, you will still be affected if it rains. You need to go ahead and keep the weather in consideration as much as possible. A rain plan will help things ease up a bit. It doesn’t mean that you will get to know for sure that it’s raining because there is no way for you to know or see that but still, it helps to know for sure if you are getting into the possibility of seeing rain during the day of the wedding in the first place. A rain plan can really make things work for you every step of the way. Get this checked out and you will see how things play out for you after all has been said and done.

Underestimating outdoor wedding costs.

It is going to cost you a lot of money, period, point blank. If you would like to go through with it in the first place, then you better start getting to work on it. You should never underestimate the costs for something like this in the same way that you should never underestimate the costs of the services of your wedding photographer Norfolk.

Things Brides Need To Remind Themselves Of

Choose a maid of honor and bridesmaids you can trust.

wedding photographer dundeeMake sure that you pick out an inner wedding party that you can really trust and rely on at the end of the day. And believe us when we say that you are going to be relying a lot on your wedding party during and perhaps even before the days leading up to the main wedding day. When your bridesmaids ask you what they can do to help out, this is a serious question and not just an empty offer that they are asking out to you merely based on etiquette. Make the most use of their help while you can because no matter how good you are at organizing things, you are going to need it. A wedding really is a team effort. The more you understand this, the better you will be in planning things out for you when it all comes down to it. Have someone who can coordinate with your wedding photographer Dundee when it comes to the group shots as well as they can be tricky to pull off.

It is not just your wedding.

It is also your partner’s wedding. Although you should have a say in things, so does your partner. Don’t be the bridezilla who doesn’t care about what her partner has to say. Let him chip in and let him participate. He is every bit a crucial part of the wedding as you are and it is important that you don’t discount that at any point in time. The more you consult with him, the more help you are bound to get. You get to share your burdens with someone. And when it all comes down to it, isn’t this what weddings are supposed to be about in the first place? Planning an all pink wedding might sound like a good idea in your book but he might not be too hot about it and this is the kind of thing that you need to do something about one way or the other.

Book your suppliers early.

If you want to get ahead of the game, you need to be in the game in the first place. You won’t be able to do that if you book your wedding suppliers a little too late. The moment that you have a date for the wedding, make sure that you act accordingly and that you act fast. It would make your head spin how busy these wedding professionals can get especially during the busy wedding season. All of the good ones might run out because they may have already been booked previously by the brides who have been thinking ahead. Most of the brides out there plan things out as early as a year out and this is what you need to look into when you are prepping for the wedding day.

Let loose during the wedding day.

A relaxed bride is the best bride out there and this is what you should be aiming to be when you are there and sharing the special day with your partner. Your wedding photographer Dundee will have a better time shooting pictures of you when you are in your most relaxed state.

Things To Prep For The Wedding Day

A wedding day survival kit.

wedding photographers hampshireWeddings are tricky and impossibly challenging. You need to know for sure that you will be able to come prepared for anything that could happen at the end of the day. A nice wedding kit will ensure that you have everything that you can possibly need when it all comes down to it. To start off, have some stain remover ready. A Tide stain remover stick can really come in handy. There will be wine and food spillages and they will not come out looking pretty if your dress is stained. You want your professional wedding photographers Hampshire to capture great looking photos of you when it all comes down to it. Another thing that you need to prepare for as well is a small and compact sewing kit. You would think that with the type of money that the brides are paying out to wedding tailors, they would secure the hems better but it has been a common occurrence for hemlines to unravel and this is what you need to be able to remedy the right way if ever the situation happens. A sewing kit can help you out. Also pack along something that will keep the oil out. You want your wedding photographers Hampshire to capture photos of you looking bridal and pristine, not oily and sticky looking with all of those oils all over the high points of your face.

An extra wedding dress.

You want your wedding to be perfect but there are a lot of instances wherein your wedding dress runs the risk of getting spoiled or getting something spilled or sploshed on it. For example, if you are opting for a wedding venue that is by the beach side, your wedding photographer might ask you to get your photos taken while you are waddling by the water and this is what you need to prepare for as much as possible. You wouldn’t want to ruin your wedding dress especially if it is a particularly expensive one. It would be smart for you to prepare a practical second wedding dress, preferably something that you bought off the rack for a modest price that is just as beautiful. It will surprise you how varied your options are if you are only willing enough to keep an open mind at the end of the day. Get this checked out and anything will work out for you. A second dress really will be able to save the day when it all comes down to it.

A decorative hanger.

Your wedding photographer will thank you for this. There are a lot of DIY blogs that you can get ideas from when it comes to prepping a decorative hanger that your photographer will be able to take photos of. Dress it up with ribbons, lace, or even something fancy like a Swarovski crystal. It will make your wedding photos so much more interesting and impacting when they come out.

A good old box of Kleenex.

Even if you may see yourself as someone who is immune to emotions, weddings can change things up a bit for you. Have a handy box of Kleenex for when the tears come.

Tips For Hiring An Event Photographer

Get to know his style.

event photographyIf you are planning to hire someone for your event photography needs, the first thing that you need to determine is the type of photography style that he has or that he specializes in at some point or so. There are a lot of styles, by the way. The more acquainted you are when it comes to things like this, the better your choices will turn out to be when it comes to picking the perfect guy for the job. The best way to figure out someone’s style in event photography is by visiting his website and by checking out what he has to offer in the first place. What’s great about this is that you don’t have to feel obligated to contact him or explain why you don’t think he will be a great fit for the job because he doesn’t even know that you are checking out his portfolio in the first place.

The pressure for finding someone in event photography can be touch and nerve wracking especially if this will turn out to be your first event or especially if you haven’t really done anything like this before. Your choices will technically define the way that your event photography shoot is bound to pan out and this is what you should be looking out for before you make any huge decisions when you are getting your event details planned out.

Ask as many questions you want to ask.

There really isn’t any cap or anything like that when you are trying to interview an event photographer. However, you do need to make sure of course that you are asking all of the right questions. Plan out what you would like to achieve and make sure that you set out your questions around that as much as you possibly can. Picking out an event photographer is really pretty much just like shopping around. You should assess all of the options that you have on the table and you should make sure that you get to double check everything while you are trying to get them figured out.

Discuss the fine print.

The event photography contract can be quite tough to have to go through with. If you aren’t careful with the fine print, you might find yourself locked in a deal that you aren’t really expecting or that you will not be all that pleased with. Make sure that you get to pre-empt everything by discussing the fine print in detail with the photographer that you are booking.

Be upfront with your photographer.

If you have any fears or if there is anything that you would like to get in particular, then make sure that he actually gets to know about it. If there is anything that you don’t like, then you might as well let him know ahead of time as well before you decide to hammer out any deals. You don’t have to sugarcoat anything. That really isn’t your job and really it will be to your every advantage if you get the important details and aspects checked out.

Tips In Choosing Flowers For Your Wedding

Flowers are one of the most important things to consider in a wedding.

wild wedding flowersThey are those decorations that just complete the wedding look. Be it the flower balls or the flower arch, these gems of nature are in demand when a wedding is upcoming. Clients should be serious and put in a lot of effort trying to select their flowers. Wilted and damaged flowers would ruin a perfectly amazing wedding. The bad flowers would also cause other flowers to wilt and spoil. This cannot happen in yours. The flowers you want for your wedding are the fresh, clean, and colourful kind. Never settle for substandard flowers. Always choose the best. Here is how you can go about choosing the best flowers for your wedding.

Tip number one: Choose flowers in season.

You don’t want to get flowers that are not in season. If you do, you would have to pay a very large sum in order to get the best quality. Flowers that bloom naturally will always look healthier and fresher compared to those which didn’t bloom in season. Another reason why you should pick flowers which bloom on season is because of the abundance. When the flowers are in season they bloom in sheer numbers. You will not have to worry about a shortage of them at all. Weddings usually demand a large quantity of flowers. There is just so much to decorate. Flowers are the best, inexpensive way to fill the gaps. Thus, you need to make sure your flower supply isn’t limited or else you may only have half of the wedding hall decorated. If you don’t want to have this problem choose the flowers which are in bloom or you can choose wild wedding flowers instead. Wild flowers bloom everywhere in huge numbers in all season except winter.

Tip number two: Choose local flowers.

You may be tempted to get a certain Vietnamese rose for your wedding, but it wouldn’t be a good decision to do so. Flowers are very fragile. The slightest mishandling can cause damage. Shipping flowers from other countries will be very risky. The flowers may not arrive in time, wilt, or get damaged through the shipping. Using these flowers will just ruin your wedding and is not worth the money you paid for. You should go local instead. Flowers grow almost everywhere and choosing flowers that are native to the location of your wedding will assure the freshness of the flowers. Wild wedding flowers that grow all around the town will be a great supply for your wedding flowers.

Tip number three: Choose different flowers.

You don’t want the same boring flowers for your wedding. You should have something unique and new. Having different flowers is a great way to emphasize the originality of your wedding. Different flowers are also a technique to not exhaust the supply of flowers. If you need 200 roses for the wedding you may exhaust the supply and will be left having to ship. But if you have 100 rose and 100 violets, not only will you have enough supply, you will also add have variety and colour to your wedding. Wild wedding flowers are a great option if you’re aiming for variety since they come in different shapes and sizes.

What Boudoir Photography Is All About

boudoir photographyWhat is it? You have probably heard the phrase of the term boudoir photography thrown around loosely. You have to understand that this is something that has become somewhat a bit of a fad and a trend when things like this are taken into account. A lot of future brides and even grooms have been looking at the possibility of posing for a boudoir photography shoot but the truth or the reality is that only a few people actually understand what it is all about to begin with. It is basically a kind of trend that has been sweeping the globe and more often than not, it is a kind of trend that a groom usually gives out to his bride before the wedding. There is a little bit of controversy in something like this because of the fact that the subject usually wears very little clothing or in some times, nothing at all. It can be quite risqué and raunchy, and that is saying it lightly. There are a lot of takes on things like this though. You can imply sensuality while you are fully clothed. It all depends on the kind of perspective that you and that your professional photographer has or is bringing in when it all comes down to it.

Choosing a photographer

You start off with the photographer who will be taking your boudoir photography shots. You need to know for sure that you are getting someone whose presence you will be comfortable in during that photo session that you are trying to set up. A lot of professional wedding photographers have actually embraced boudoir photography already. It is all a matter of finding those who actually have that to offer out to their potential clients. If you are fairly familiar with how bridal shoots are, you will soon see that boudoir photography has slowly evolved and has merged with what wedding photography is all about at the end of the day. Be picky with the photographer that you sign with. You need to actually like him in order for you to be comfortable with the thought of posing around half naked in front of him during the photo shoot or session. Meet up with the person that you are planning to book ahead of time. If you don’t have the means to do so, then at least talk to him via Skype or Facetime or any other technology or means that will allow you to connect with a professional so that you will be able to pick him mind and see what he has to say.


Take the time to make sure that you are able to prepare for the photo shoot the right way. You might need to take on a beauty routine or some kind of exercise or something that is fairly similar to this. Jog during the mornings. Pay a subscription to the gym. Stay out of the sun and schedule sessions with the spa. Things like this are important and something that you should keep in mind if you would like to look good in your photos.

Getting The Upper Hand In A Wedding Photography Deal

Make it a point to always book early as much as you possibly can.

best wedding photographersThis is something that you need to take into account in all of the best ways because of the fact that you will be able to get a price cut if you book early. Don’t waste until the very last minute for you to book your wedding photographer especially if you have your eyes set on booking the best of the best there is. A pretty good rule of thumb would be for you to make sure that you book your wedding photographer around 6 months before the actual date of the wedding. This way, you are able to get ahead of the game and you wouldn’t have to worry too much about being left out of the best wedding photographers in the area because you get to have first dibs on the bookings.

Go digital no matter what happens.

There is a certain part of you that might yearn for the novelty of wedding photos on film but this is not something that you would want to go for especially when you are more or less trying to maximize your wedding photography costs at some point or so. For starters, it is something that is convenient. For as long as you will be able to download your photos or save them anywhere at some point or so, you can transfer them and reproduce them. This is not the same thing or it will not work for you the same way if you opt for wedding photos on film.

Ask for referral discounts from the wedding photographers that you book if you can.

Don’t be embarrassed about it either. If you think that you are offering out a fairly sound business arrangement; then there really isn’t any reason why you do not deserve some price cuts on wedding photography at some point or so. Professional wedding photographers will always be more than happy to invest on the possibility of future business being drummed up somewhere in the near future and this is the type of thing that you can really take advantage of if you know how to play your cards right. Even if you aren’t getting a discount right off the bat, you are still getting some price cuts on your wedding photo printouts and this is something that will be able to help you save considerably on your wedding photography costs.

No matter what happens and no matter how much you are trying to save, you have to take note of the fact that you should never settle for anything but the best there is for you to hire out. Prioritize this as much as you possibly can. For as long as you have someone professional on deck, you pretty much don’t have anything else to worry about at the end of the day. a professional who is seasoned and experienced in what he does will iron out all of the kinks for you on the wedding photography side of things. Take a look at the best wedding photographers from

What’s So Fine About Fine-Art Wedding Photography?

Wedding photography is a major part of any dream wedding.

wedding photographer HertfordshireCouples who are planning for their very own wedding photography must plan out and conceptualize carefully in order to get the best wedding pictures. One important decision that they must make in deciding for their wedding photography is the wedding photography style. Since wedding photography is a very big umbrella term, there are a lot of different styles to choose from. Couples can pick the wedding photography style which they think can best suit their own wedding. One wedding photography style which is taking the world by storm is fine-art wedding photography. Recall those dramatic wedding pictures which you saw on your newsfeed or Instagram? The one where the bride is facing away from the camera and staring to the distance with dramatic lighting? Yep, that is a good example of fine-art wedding photography. This is a type of wedding photography that wishes to bring out the artistic side of any soon-to-be-wed couples.

You may be asking yourself, why should I consider that as my wedding photography?

Well, fine-art wedding photography evolved from traditional wedding photography. This type of wedding photography borrowed techniques from fashion photography and incorporated them to the conventional wedding photography your parents probably had. Using a combination of angling, lighting and composition transform wedding pictures in to the dramatic and stunning pictures you would see in a bridal magazine. Simply put, your wedding photographer Hertfordshire is trying to transform your wedding pictures in to wonderful art pieces. This style puts emphasis on creating aesthetic images which would leave viewers breathless at the sheer beauty of the timeless photographs of your wedding. If you’re keen on having these types of photos for your wedding, talk to your professional wedding photographer Hertfordshire about using this style or better yet find a wedding photographer who specializes in this style.

If you are convinced that this style if for you, there are a couple of things you have to take note of.

One is since this style is devoted to creating works of art prepare to allot a longer time frame for your wedding photography. Art takes time. You may have to wait a little longer before you finally get your wedding pictures. Post-production for fine-art wedding photography is really meticulous so be patient. It will be worth it in the end. You should also prepare to wake up at ungodly hours just to get the perfect lighting for your pre-wedding photographs. Also, prepare for unorthodox poses and costumes. This wedding photography style encourages creativity and exploration for both the wedding photographer Hertfordshire and the client. As such, don’t be frazzled when your photographer asks you to take a dip in a lake or sea.

Expect different props as well.

It is all part of creating the perfect artwork. Also since this type of photography style is a little bit more complex than the others, it may cost a bit more. Fine-art photography is definitely not for everyone. This type of wedding photography will best suit couples with a passion for artistry. If this describes you and your partner maybe you should give fine-art wedding photography a shot. Think about reviewing the works of wedding photographer Hertfordshire ( if you are looking for a wedding photographer in the Hertfordshire area.

Things To Know About Wedding Photo Delivery Dates

Hertfordshire wedding photographerOne thing that brides in general tend to have in common is the excitement that ensues when they are waiting for their final finished wedding photos. It is only understandable for you to be excited about it and to want to get your hands on the wedding photos right away. However, there are tons of things that you will need to go ahead and consider when it comes to things like this. First off, you have to understand the fact that there is no proverbial blanket approach when it comes to things like this. It is always different for everyone. It is always different depending on the professional wedding photographer that you book as well. This is something that you will have to work on and work out one way or the other with the professional wedding photographer that you book or entrust the coverage of your wedding day to.

Communicate with your wedding photographer well enough about this so that you don’t have to go ahead and second guess your way into things at some point or so. This is something that requires serious discussion when it all comes down to it. If you don’t get the buy in of your wedding photographer, then you should either not push it or opt for a different wedding photographer altogether that will more or less be able to commit to the kind of timeline that you are looking for in the delivery of your wedding photos.

It all boils down to what you prefer as a bride.

Suffice it to say, you can get your photos as fast or slow as you would like to get them but then again, there are other variables that might affect this. For one, you can opt for a shoot and burn type of wedding photography coverage. It is very fast. It is so fast that you will most likely able to get your wedding photos in like a day or two. But then again, what you need to take into account is the fact that you might not get the best quality of photos that you are aiming to go ahead and get out from your wedding day. Shoot and burn wedding photography is basically comprised of wedding photos that are saved directly from the camera of the photographer that you hired out. There is no post production of anything like that. But then again, there are some fairly talented wedding photographers these days who can do same day edits but you have to prepare yourself for the fact that it will not be cheap. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for and that is the type of thing that you ought to take into account when you are trying to strike out a deal with your wedding photographer of choice.

If you are looking for the well produced photos though, you have to be patient enough to wait for them.

Some photographers might take months before they deliver their final finished product. Whatever the timeline may be, just make sure that they are managed accordingly so that there are no unpleasant surprises somewhere along the way. Go with a Hertfordshire wedding photographer like Catherine Pound Photography who can always deliver.

How To Pick Out Your Photo Booth Service

photo booth serviceIf you are racking your brains up for something that can really spice your party up in all of the best ways, then a photo booth will turn out to be the best way to go. At the same time, you can’t just book anyone who is open for business. You have to go ahead and make it a point to go for the best option that the market has to offer out to you at the end of the day. Try to go ahead and keep this in mind as much as you possibly can. There are a lot of fairly established and reputable photo booth providers like so make it a point to get this looked into as much as you possibly can. Don’t book the first ever provider that you end up coming across. You have to be a little bit more patient than that. Make sure that you are always able to go through all of the different quotes and offer out there before you single anyone out. You have to get things like this figured out the right way. You can’t book a fly by night provider for one of the biggest parties that you are planning to throw out. It can go south pretty quickly if you have the wrong professional on board.

The first thing that you need to make sure you are able to ask about is the fees.

Will you be able to afford this particular photo booth service provider? This is the type of thing that can totally put a whole hamper on your party planning plans. If you are getting a photo booth, then it should more or less fit in comfortably with the rest of all of the other things that you are planning out at some point or so. You have to make sure that whoever it is you are shortlisting should turn out to be good enough to be in your budget scheme for the party in the first place. If not, you might be stretching your finances out a bit and this can have all sorts of repercussions further down the road. You certainly wouldn’t want anything like that.

Stay with the photo booth operators who are more or less within your financial spectrum.

Most of these professionals post their price ranges on their website right out so you don’t even have to meet up with them so you can ask them about it at some point or so. This will save you time and the embarrassment of going through with an entire sales pitch from the photo booth operator only for you to end up telling him in the long run that you can’t afford his services.

Quality is everything.

Apparently something that you can go ahead and sample at some point or so. Before you decide to book anyone out, you need to make sure that you get to sample the printer quality as well as the overall photo quality. You don’t want a bunch of pixelated photo strips that your guests will get to take home. You don’t want anything that comes out looking cheap or anything like that.

JPEG or RAW – How Does This Affect Your Wedding Photography?

wedding photographers BournemouthThere are a lot of things you should be getting yourself prepared to consider when it comes to your wedding photographs. This is because wedding photography is more than having to select a wedding photographer who eventually provides you with wedding photographs that are going to be keepsakes for years to come. Wedding photography extends to have to select the type of wedding package you want, what is included in the wedding package etc.

It is evident that wedding photography has made a journey into the digital age for quite a while now and in your wedding consultation with Dorset wedding photographer Robin Goodlad Photography, chances are there will be certain photography talk which can be confusing for anyone who is not familiar with photography. Most photographers will try their best to make sure you understand what is being said so that there will be no mix ups. Still, a little knowledge has been known to help make things easier. So if your photographer decides to ask about whether you want your images in JPEG or RAW this is what he means:

Weddings Photographed RAW

For RAW files, they are known as digital negatives and this is the actual setting given to all professional cameras when it comes to saving files. Although other file formats such as JPEG are included, RAW files are deemed to be the best format to use as it allows the professional photographer to not only edit, colour and contrast but to also adjust the sharpness on an unchanged file. To compensate for lighting issues, exposure change is also allowed in this format.

However, the downside that comes from using RAW is in the file size. For example, if the wedding photographer is making use of a 10 mega-pixel cameral to capture the images, the size of the file will be approximately 20mb while in the JPEG format; it will be a minimum of 5mb. For the sake of saving on space, RAW is not advised.

Also, most couples will not know how to handle RAW format when printing it out. For the couples that prefer having the proofs of their pictures to print out by themselves, it is not advisable to have your photographer save your images in the RAW format as they cannot be handled by consumer printers and PC programs.

Weddings Photographed JPEG

JPEG files are not really encouraged die to the fact that they are mostly a compression of an image and it introduces the risk of losing information. The reason for the development of this standard was to encourage the speedy transfer and display of images on the internet. Although it reduces the file and some times, information is lost, the quality of it is not significantly reduced.

The JPEG format is more preferable for couples looking to print out the completed images of the photographer by themselves as it can easily be done with consumer printers. It also makes it easier for the pictures to be saved on CDs without consuming a lot of space on the disk.